About Us

Property Offer Pro is a veteran-owned, family-run real estate company specializing in fast, no-hassle transactions of cash for land. Our mission is to help owners across the country offload their vacant land safely, easily, and efficiently. We are experts in land transactions and guarantee a seamless process from start to finish. Even if you decide not to work with us, our goal is to help educate owners so they can make informed decisions about the best course of action when it comes to unwanted or unused land.

Land is not our first family business—that would be the military. After watching his grandfathers, father, and brother serve in the Navy and Air Force, Scott joined as well. After his military service came to an end, he took that experience into federal law enforcement, becoming a special agent with the FBI. Scott spent the next 13 years assigned to the New York and Washington DC field offices, investigating international drug trafficking organizations, counterterrorism threats in Africa, Russian intelligence organizations, and violent crime. He was a firearms instructor, a member of the New York and Washington Field Office SWAT teams, worked on the case team for the Benghazi and Chapo Guzman investigations, and supervised tactical instruction for new agents at the FBI Academy in Quantico.

Along the way, Scott became passionate about entrepreneurship, and real estate in particular.  He began purchasing undervalued properties in North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida, including multifamily apartments and short-term vacation rentals. But he changed course once he happened upon the glaring need for someone who could help fed up landowners rid themselves of raw land that had become a financial drain. Combining his love of the outdoors with his love of real estate, he created Property Offer Pro, a company that prides itself on win-win transactions and a secure, client-centered approach to business.

A Note From the Founder

Years ago my parents invested in a couple land parcels that were supposed to be part of a fancy new development. As it turned out, the developer was a scam artist and the project never came to fruition. That’s when we realized firsthand how difficult it can be to sell land. You can call a realtor, but they work on a commission basis and most land is just not “valuable” enough for a real estate agent to put in the required effort to sell it. This is a problem for landowners because now they are forced to sell it themselves, which can be difficult and time-consuming; not to mention that they will continue to be paying taxes on a piece of unused property. Or if they convince an agent to work with them they still have to fork over the commission fees, brokerage fees, etc. After listing with an agent for a year, my parents finally got a buyer. But that person pulled out of the deal just before closing, and we were back to square one.  That’s when Property Offer Pro was created!

We work directly with owners of vacant land throughout the United States. We connect with them and make cash offers for their property. We close quickly and our awesome team handles every detail of the transaction. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible and to handle each transaction as if we were in your shoes (because we have been!).

So how does it work?

The only thing we need from the seller is to sign the purchase agreement. We then hand everything over to a local title company. We pay ALL of the closing costs, county filing fees, title company escrow fees, expenses, and for the title policy. It’s that simple. From there, we take pictures, survey the property, get aerial drone footage, and much more. You don’t pay for anything related to the sale, and there are no hidden costs. The price we offer you is what we pay you. We then consider developing the property ourselves or selling it to a retail buyer or trusted local developer. Over the past few years, we’ve built great relationships with buyers looking for land.

We would love the opportunity to work with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re here to help!