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1) We close with escrow
Escrow is a neutral third party that holds the funds and title until closing, so everything is exchanged securely and simultaneously.

2) Video chats
Want to speak with us via Zoom or Facetime? Let us know– we’d love to introduce ourselves!

3) Availability
Call or text any time (850-600-6628) and one of our amazing team members will get back to you.

How It All Works

1. Submit your property.

Fill out the form on this page and submit your property.  We’ll automatically receive your information and begin our review process.  We look at county data, recent sales data, and research comparable properties to determine what we can offer you for your land.

2. We make you a cash offer.

We will contact you either by phone or email to present and discuss with you our offer amount. Once we agree to the sale, we’ll prepare a purchase agreement for your review and send it your way.

3. You get paid.

Once you’ve approved the agreement, we will begin the closing process and arrange a closing date with you.  Leave all the work (and the fees!) to us to close on the property.
We close with title.  Funds will be handled through escrow.

Funds will be sent to you by check or wired to your bank account based on your preference.

Chase and Natalie Ofelein testimonial #1

"Property Offer Pro was great to work with and closed fast."

We inherited some family-owned land and didn’t want to be stuck with the yearly taxes. Property Offer Pro took it off our hands, closed quickly, and we were able to use the money for an amazing honeymoon.

- Chase and Natalie Ofelein

Interested in an offer?

Wondering how much we can pay?  Our offers are cash, fast, and no obligation. You pay zero real estate agent commissions. Just hit the button below and fill out the form for your offer.

Michael and Lucinda Strunk testimonial #2

"Thank you guys for your transparency--truly a pleasure to deal with."

We got a postcard in the mail from Property Offer Pro and decided to submit our property via the website. At that point we had been trying to sell it with a realtor for over a year and had given up hope that we’d ever find a buyer. They responded right away, gave us an offer, and we signed a purchase agreement. We closed within two weeks! The title company wired us our cash and were able to pay off a credit card and put the rest in a rainy-day fund. If it wasn’t for Scott, our property would still be on the market.

- Michael and Lucinda Strunk

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you. This is not just another land deal to us. Each transaction is handled carefully and respectfully, and we respond to seller concerns within one business day. We have been in your shoes and understand the frustrations that can come with trying to sell a piece of land.

We pay 100% of closing costs, including title fees, expenses, county filing fees, documentation fees, and unpaid taxes. If we require a survey, we pay for that too. You don’t pay for anything related to the sale and there are no hidden costs. You simply complete the form, sign the deed, and collect your cash.

Entering the property information up front speeds up our process, which speeds up your process. It allows us to evaluate your property and get back to you quickly with an offer price.

Absolutely! Call or text us at (850)608-8060 and give us your contact and property information, and we’ll get back to you with an offer within 48 hours.

If you provide the property information over the phone or email, we will respond with an offer within 48 hours. If you submit your information via the form on the website, we can often respond within 36 hours.

We consider the location, terrain, road access, utility connections, parcel size, closing costs, and other factors and compare them to other properties in the area.

Because of the overhead costs of running a business, we cannot overpay for land – otherwise we wouldn’t be able to cover our marketing costs, team member salaries, and any costs associated with property improvements like brush hogging or bringing in utilities. What we can’t provide in “top of the market” offers, we hope to make up for in transparency, simplicity, and speed.

That being said, we do pay more for land than all other investors in the space, so if you have an offer agreement from someone else, we will beat their price.

We go through a complete checklist to confirm everything prior to closing. We will check for things like:

– The property must be on a public, maintained road.
– Are there flood plain concerns?
– Is the title clear?

If we conduct due diligence and find that we cannot buy your property, we will talk with you and tell you why. We will then discuss ways you might be able to sell it to someone else.

We receive all of our information from the county in which your property is located. All private property owners are registered with the county assessor and county recorder. This information is public and available to those who request it.

You should have a deed with your name on it. If you have issues with title, sometimes we can help you get these cleared up so that we can complete the sale.

Yes, we buy land from organizations, not just individuals.

We encourage you to seek any outside guidance that you feel you need. We are open and honest throughout the process. We do not pay attorney’s fees or real estate agent commissions, so you would be responsible for those costs.

We do not visit any property in person until we have a signed purchase agreement with the seller. Once we have that, we will ask your permission to inspect the property as needed. We respect property rights and will never go on a landowner’s property without their knowledge and permission.

If you need immediate cash, we are able to close within 10-15 business days, but generally we are bound by the speed at which the title agency completes their research. This can take two to four months. Once we agree on a price, they have to investigate the chain of title by accessing information located at the county. Some counties are quicker than others in providing the requisite information to the title company. It is in the interest of all parties to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. Upon completion of their research, the title agency sends you the final documentation for signature. Once signed, the transaction is funded by us and you receive your money at the same time we take possession of the property. We don’t borrow money from banks, so there’s no waiting for loan approval.

We will buy land anywhere in the US as long as it fits our investment criteria. If you have land you might want to sell, please reach out by email, phone, or text, or fill out the contact form on the website.

Mark and Ginny Clayborne testimonial #3

"The process was just as easy as the website said."

We had a piece of land in Walton County, FL that we hoped to develop, but the surrounding neighborhood remained undeveloped and we never got around to building on it. The team at Property Offer Pro was so patient with us– We had a million questions and probably drove them crazy, but they answered them all without complaint. We felt more comfortable knowing they used a title company to close. It was such a relief to get this headache property off our hands.

- Mark and Ginny Clayborne

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Important Notice

After clicking “Get Your Cash Offer,” you will be redirected to another form where we will ask for your consent to receive text messages related to your real estate query from Property Offer Pro. You can opt out at any time by replying STOP.

 Our Trusted Partners​

We are a veteran-owned family business borne out of a desire to help simplify the selling process and provide fast, headache-free transactions of cash for land. 

About Us

Years ago my parents invested in a couple land parcels that were supposed to be part of a fancy new development.  As it turned out, the developer was a scam artist and the project never came to fruition.  That’s when we realized firsthand how difficult it can be to sell land.  You can call a realtor, but they work on a commission basis and most land is just not “valuable” enough for a real estate agent to put in the required effort to sell it.  This is a problem for landowners because now they are forced to sell it themselves, which can be difficult and time-consuming; not to mention that they will continue to be paying taxes on a piece of unused property.  Or if they convince an agent to work with them they still have to fork over the commission fees, brokerage fees, etc.  After listing with an agent for a year, my parents finally got a buyer.  But that person pulled out of the deal just before closing, and we were back to square one.  That’s when Property Offer Pro was created!

We work directly with owners of vacant land throughout the United States.  We connect with them and make cash offers for their property.  We close quickly and our awesome team handles every detail of the transaction.  Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible and to handle each transaction as if we were in your shoes (because we have been!).

So how does it work?

The only thing we need from the seller is to sign the purchase agreement.  We then hand everything over to a local title company.  We pay ALL of the closing costs, county filing fees, title company escrow fees, expenses, and for the title policy.  It’s that simple.  From there, we take pictures, survey the property, get aerial drone footage, and much more.  You don’t pay for anything related to the sale, and there are no hidden costs.  The price we offer you is what we pay you.  We then consider developing the property ourselves or selling it to a retail buyer or trusted local developer.  Over the past few years, we’ve built great relationships with buyers looking for land.

We would love the opportunity to work with you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.  We’re here to help!